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Water project set to benefit over 22,000 Tanzania residents

The Tanzania government is in the 2019/2020 Financial Year expected to improve water services in 28 towns of Tanzania mainland after receiving US$500 million, Deputy Minister for Water, Jumaa Aweso said.

The Deputy Minister was responding to Kilombero MP, Peter Lijualikali (CHADEMA), who wanted the government to explain its plan to supply water in Ifakara town council.

According to the deputy minister, Ifakara Town Council had a total of 22,688 residents, and that availability of water in that town stands at 35 percent, adding that the demand of water was approximately 7,008 litres, but currently the ministry was supplying 1,004 litres in that town.

Mr Aweso added that in the short, medium and long plans, the government was committed to supply water to Ifakara residents and other town councils, that is why US$500 million has been allocated for supply of water in 28 town councils of the mainland Tanzania and Isles of Zanzibar.

He added that the government through the Morogoro Regional Water Authority had concluded the project for improving water services in the region. According to him, the works that had so far been completed include, among others, the construction of 8.4 kilomtre water pump.

On the US$500 million, the minister said currently the government was putting measures in place to have a consultant who would carry out a thorough detailed design for the projects.

The completion of long-term plans, according to Mr Aweso, would increase availability of water in Ifakara by 90 percent.

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